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Whether you need help to prepare for an upcoming social event, want instant relief from a panic attack or want to learn to how to feel more relaxed in social situations, I can help!

Stephan Gunville

Social Anxiety Coach
Ex Housebound social phobia sufferer

Coaching Testomonials

Anthony, USA

8 year social anxiety sufferer

“I no longer walk around in fear when I’m in public”

Problem: Anthony’s biggest obstacle was the lack of confidence within himself. This caused him to withdraw from social situations/things he wanted to do.

⚙️ Solution: We dug deep and found out the blockage of confidence was coming from his negative relationship with himself. I set him certain actions to follow to change his mindset.

🏁 Result: Anthony has now unlocked his inner confidence/expression to allow himself to enter into social situations with complete freedom and presence. 

Vincent, Canada

11 year social anxiety sufferer

“I’m now able to joke around with my coworkers and talk to girls”

Problem: Vincent had tried everything, but always felt extreme anxiety when he was around his coworkers and especially his boss.

⚙️ Solution: I gave Vincent specific actions and mindsets to uncover what was stopping his natural authenticity from flowing.

🏁 Result: He now looks forward to seeing and conversating with his coworkers and this allowed him to enjoy his work without feeling contrived by his anxiety. He now uses what he learned in everyday interactions with people.

Nima, USA

6 year social anxiety sufferer

“I was able to finally stop blushing around people”

Problem: Nima had a severe blushing problem and it often happened for no apparent reason. It was really daunting for her and forced her to avoid most social interactions.

⚙️ Solution: I showed Nima how to implement and practice the relaxation response in everyday situations at first, and then moved on to more challenging settings where she would previously blush easily.

🏁 Result: Now, Nima is able to enjoy her life without the constant fear of blushing in front of people.

What I Do

I help people suffering from severe anxiety in social situations uncover their authenticity and break free from the struggle.

The goal of our training: Get people authentically expressing themselves without fear


✔️ You are sick and tired of hiding your true self.

✔️ You feel as if you have much more to offer the world and hate seeing opportunities pass you by.

✔️ You feel weak, fragile, and don’t know where to turn next.

✔️ You are willing and ready to take action.

We helped dozens of people transform their lives from hiding in isolation to being fun, free, and enjoying their life.


✔️ Identifying the subtle behaviors that keep you in a vicious cycle of ever-increasing anxiety so you can attack the problem at the root.

✔️ Establishing a step-by-step system so you can authentically express yourself in any situation.

✔️ Being that moral support when facing challenging situations on your journey.

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About Stephan Gunville

Stephan overcame his social anxiety and now helps others do the same through a process that goes against a lot of the mainstream social anxiety fighting techniques.

Stephan’s social anxiety was so bad that he was housebound for 10 months at the age of 23. Unable to even step outside of his front door due to extreme anxiety, he set out to fix this problem once and for all.

He struggled enormously at first but eventually found counter-intuitive techniques that greatly helped him reduce his anxiety in social situations very quickly and that lasted a lifetime.

He now teaches what helped him to people from all around the world.

What does the application-process look like?

1. Fill out the application form

By filling out the quick application form, I will get a better idea about your current situation so I can help you better.

2. We will get in touch (text or call)

In the second step, we will get in touch via text or a call (if you are comfortable enough for it) so we can assess your situation further and hopefully uncover ways that I could be of help to you.

3. We explore and set up a personalized action plan

In the last step, we will coordinate an appointment together where we both have 45-60 minutes to build a step-by-step action plan directly related to your current situation.

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